From Venice to Vietnam, well-travelled and the photos to prove it. Creative when local, observant when foreign, and fond of both the cross processed and the black and white.

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Budapest Again!
I am a lucky girl to get two trips to Hungary in a few years. I am extra lucky that I was there with my boyfriend, his great family and Hungarian relatives!
Between Hungary and Paris
A few stops along the way
C'est Paris!
I am a lucky girl!
I was fortunate enough to spend three days roaming around the Angkor ruins in Cambodia.
After a week and a half I was ready to move there.
What could I possibly say, it's Italy!
Having a friend living in Paris who has access to a Smart car, and will drive you around in it, is a really good idea!
The best place on earth! I can't wait to go back.
My hero.
I spent a few days in the badly bombed and slowly rebuilding city of Mostar, in western Bosnia. I had never seen anything like it. I had a really hard time taking very many photos. There is a fine line between intrigue and exploitation.
Aparently I am related to the entire population of four towns in northern Norway! I was lucky enough to meet almost half of them during my visit there.
I travelled through Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. During this trip I developed an addiction to street photography, as you will see.
This is a series of photos taken with Kodak E6 Infrared.
The good old days.
A Day at the Beach!
A sunny day at the beach with three boys, a dog and a roll of infrared film!
West to East
Moving from one side of Canada to the other.
New Camera!
For my birthday Brent gave me my first ever digital camera and it is a beautiful Rebel XT. I named him Felix.
Beautiful classmates from Rama Lotus teacher training: 2008

Ready for Liftoff.


Bugs Have Knees Too!


Ai Ito



Brent's wall

Beautiful Sarah

Elephant Sneeze
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