A technical eye and a meticulous mindset. Experimentation and knowledge combined to find the edges of good, solid photography, and then mess with them a bit.

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This is easily my favorite type of photography and good results seem readily attainable. The challenge is to strive for photos with singular impact in this crowded genre.
Every now and then I take a photo of some kind of plant or tree that really stands out.
Manufactured and Constructed
Urban landscapes and machined objects. Who said nature had a monopoly on being photogenic?
British Columbia
My parents wanted to tour the rest of the province and we drove across a great deal of it one summer. Turns out it isn't all just fir trees and coastline.
Digital Around Town
I recently bought yet another compact digital camera and was asked why I haven't posted any of my latest digital pictures. While I might not regard them as "serious" photographic equipment, they do take photos and I do like photography.
I wouldn't call myself a wildlife photographer, but occationally I take a picture that could be classified as such. I often think of it as non-human portraiture.
Sometimes I just want to try things out. Now that digital cameras have removed the constraints of film costs, it is time to really experiment.
Long Beach
My friends and I went on a two day trip to Pacific Rim National Park on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Many stops were made in those two days and my camera never got a rest.
Nighttime at UVic
UVic has some interesting buildings and the lighting becomes quite unique at night.
Vancouver on Business
I've heard it said that the best camera is the one you have at the time. Not feeling like packing the SLR equipment for a quick trip to Vancouver, I relied solely on my SD200 digital elph and some railings.
Long Beach Redux
I just had to go back to Long Beach, given how great it was a year ago. Not looking to redo the photos I did previously, and to lighten up the kit, the 70-200mm was left at home and a 90mm macro took its place. This definitely changed the experience, although Long Beach is great regardless what lenses you bring.
Well I hadn't considered this to be my kind of photography, especially given all the others out there doing this, but it seems I'm wrong. Photographers either specialize in people and abstracts, or wildlife and landscapes. Why not both?
Black and White
Some consider black and white film the only legitimate way to turn photos into art, but I disagree. There is, however, something cool about a roll of grainy black and white film that makes you keep a few in the freezer.
Sometimes a photo will just seem to pop, but there is no clear theme or category for it.



Water and Rust


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