Obsessed with the random, and impressed with the amount of randomness that photography provides. Has a romantic relationship with his OM-4, is strangley attracted to high-speed film, and shuns the flash.

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At the Natural History Museum.
Flora and Fauna of Montreal
You can see some amazing plants and animals in Montreal, especially if you visit the Botanical Gardens, the Insectarium and the Biodome.
Astro vs. Wilbur
A playfighting session, from the good old days when they could be in the same room together without drawing blood.
The Aquarium
Taken over a few hurs visiting the Vancouver Aquarium.
Macro Bugs
Macro photographs of insects, taken with a reversed 50mm lens.
A Trip to Vancouver
A weekend trip, no theme or order to these photos.
Taken in the museums, galleries, and streets of Paris in October 2005.
A Day at the Fair
An afternoon spent at the Saanich Fair, getting friendly with the farm animals.
Back at the Aquarium
The photos are all from a day spent at the aquarium with some high speed film and alot of fishes.
Infrared Cortes
While staying in a cabin on Cortes Island, I shot a roll of EIR with an orang filter and my trusty OM-4.
We spent a week and Montreal, aka, Gritty City.
I lived in Shanghai for almost nine months, but took an embarrassingly small number of pictures while I was there.
Digital Kaisha
I had the use of a 20D for a photo shoot and took a few pictures to get accoustomed to it. These are some of the pictures, with a few frivolous PhotoShop tweaks.
Between Paris and Budapest
Night at UVic
Some night photos of the new building on the UVic campus.
Hong Kong
I was only in Hong Kong for 4 days, but it left a deep impression on me. It is such a vertical city, from the towering sky scrapers on up to the peak.
I was in Tokyo for a few days, renewing my visa for China and visiting my brother.
Buck 65
July 2005, Victoria
A Trip to the Pacific Rim
Photos taken during a whirlwind weekend trip to Ucluelet, Tofino, Longbeach and points in between.
Ottawa Museums
Some images from a day spent at the War Museum and the Museum of Civilization

Horse Boat


Docks in Mist


Stormy Cierra

Dirty Laundry

Tom - Financial Section

Road to Clover Point


Wang Jia Ba



Construction at UVic

The Engineering Building

Kaisha IR

Pond Plant
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