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Download Marvel Illustrated - Homer's The Iliad #4 (Marvel Comics) by Roy Thomas [Adapted from the Epic Poem by Homer], Miguel PDF

By Roy Thomas [Adapted from the Epic Poem by Homer], Miguel Angel Sepulveda

One of many actual cornerstones of Western literature involves the wonder Illustrated line! the traditional global is embroiled in a strong conflict of armies; Greek as opposed to Trojan. Helen, the main appealing girl on this planet, has betrayed her husband, the Greek, Menelaus, and fled to Troy with Trojan prince, Paris. The Greeks have sailed to Troy to carry her back...and weigh down all that stand of their approach. this is often the 1st bankruptcy within the saga that almost defines the note epic. it's a story of gods and men...heroism and betrayal. From the lips of Homer to the pages of surprise Illustrated. And we did it only for you!

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