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Download Laser Technology in Biomimetics: Basics and Applications by Volker Schmidt, Maria Regina Belegratis PDF

By Volker Schmidt, Maria Regina Belegratis

Lasers are an increasing number of used as flexible instruments for fabrication reasons. the wide variety of accessible powers, wavelengths, operation modes, repetition premiums and so forth. facilitate the processing of a big spectrum of fabrics at unparalleled precision and caliber. accordingly, manifold tools have been validated long ago and novel equipment are always lower than improvement. Biomimetics, the interpretation from nature-inspired ideas to technical purposes, is strongly multidisciplinary. This box deals intrinsically a large scope of functions for laser established equipment concerning structuring and amendment of fabrics. This publication is devoted to laser fabrication tools in biomimetics. It introduces either, a laser know-how in addition to an software targeted strategy. The publication covers an important laser lithographic tools and diverse biomimetics software situations starting from coatings and biotechnology to development, clinical purposes and photonics.

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This chemical functionalization can be primarily induced using one of two pathways [46, 47]. In the first case, the hydrogel which contains susceptible side groups is incubated with photosensitive molecules. Upon irradiation these photosensitive molecules are activated so they can form a covalent bond with side groups of the hydrogel [48–50]. In the following sections, this process is denoted photofunctionalization. The desired chemical functionality is in this case defined by the photosensitive molecule.

The numerical solutions demonstrate the strong influence of refractive index mismatch n1 − n2 , the NA and the nominal focusing depth on the extent of spherical aberration. The resulting focus shift depends almost linear on the nominal focal position, which can be corrected by appropriate scaling of the 3D structure. However, one important issue is the loss of the axial symmetry with respect to the main maximum of the focus. In confocal microscopy this leads to a difference in the resulting image when focusing above or below a fluorescent specimen.

2 Experimental Setup Depending on the application, several possibilities exist for direct laser writing setups. g. [3–9]). In order to initiate nonlinear optical effects, which are responsible for 3D direct laser writing, high photon densities are necessary. 5 and above). The laser wavelength is in the visible (VIS) or near infrared range (NIR) range. A common laser source is a mode-locked Ti:Sapphire ultrafast oscillator, which provides laser pulses with typical pulse durations in the range of tens to hundreds of femtoseconds, at a center wavelength of approximately 780 nm.

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