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Download Language, Desire and Theology: A Genealogy of the Will to by Noëlle Vahanian PDF

By Noëlle Vahanian

This fascinating and provocative paintings develops a brand new theological method of language within the gentle of up to date severe conception.

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He cannot find it in his heart to accept that there is a God. He lacks the power of the imagination to wholeheartedly believe in God, perhaps because, disheartened, he is all too familiar with the absence of good. Oddly enough, it also takes the power of the imagination to accept that there is no other world and to believe in this world alone. Thus, the fool is anyone who says in his heart that this world is hopeless whether or not he believes in another world, for the one who says in his heart “there is another world besides this ungodly world” is as much in want of wisdom and happiness as the other who says in his heart that there is no God.

In sixth grade it was customary in France to introduce pupils to Latin. But, realizing that Latin or Greek were no longer pressing prerequisites for a democratic education in one’s mother tongue, a learning technique moulded after the same modern techniques used to teach any foreign language in actual usage was implemented. The idea was that if it were possible to have us pupils speak Latin and converse with each other, we would enjoy it more: Latin would become our language, not just an antiquated, useless tongue.

Yet, this is also how the secular theologian prevents the fool from fooling herself, it is also how a father speaks to his daughter so that she may address her natural desire to be happy in her world which knows of no other. This is a world where unconditional happiness is a ghost of the mind. This is the only world where, if it is impossible to live with a ghost, then it is possible to imagine this ghost into a dream. In this world, proving that God exists, as does the word God in a dictionary never proves what he is, or that he is.

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