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Download Forging of Israel Iron Technology Symbol: Iron Technology, by Paula McNutt PDF

By Paula McNutt

(Part of the magazine for the learn of The outdated testomony complement sequence 108 and The Social global of Biblical Antiquity sequence eight)

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The grains brought to earth by the primal smith were contained in his hammer, which is a symbol of the primal granary and represents the male Nommo. Iron ore was created from the blood of the Nommo's spleen (Dieterlen, 2. Iron Technology and Symbolism 51 1973:46-48). The wooden beam in which the 'female' anvil is embedded is the bed of the two Great Nummo, and when the hammer strikes the anvil the two come together. With the sound produced when the smith strikes iron with his hammer, he reminds others of the supreme power of Amma and the Nummo, and assists in both prayer and appeasing the possible wrath of the celestial beings.

Theoretically, the Komo society in each village is made up of all circumcised men, both living and dead, the sanctuary and its altars, the responsible chief (preferably a smith), and the Komo masks. The latter are made by smiths and are considered their most dramatic and powerful accomplishments because they are infused with the energy that the smiths are most qualified to use (McNaughton, 1977:ii). The Komo society, dominated and protected by the power of Faro, is involved in most of the activities of Bambara daily life—birth, circumcision, marriage, burial, the cult of the ancestors, agriculture, technology, and political and economic issues.

For my purposes, it is sufficient to note that holograms must be illuminated in order for the image to become visible. , the relationship between two light sources) are clarified. The result is the reconstitution of a three-dimensional image of the object holographed. 1 Modern historians see images that were visible to ancient peoples but are now lost 'behind' the sources. Interpreters seek to understand the complexities of ancient societies and the meanings that were significant. In order to reclaim those meanings, the relationship between ancient notions and actions must be illuminated.

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