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By Siegfried Zielinski

The media are actually redundant. In an outline of advancements spanning the earlier seventy years, Siegfried Zielinski’s [ . . . After the Media] discusses how the technique of technology-based communique assumed a systemic personality and the way idea, artwork, and feedback have been operative during this strategy. Media-explicit considering is contrasted with media-implicit inspiration. issues of touch with an arts point of view contain a reinterpretation of the artist Nam June Paik and an advent to the paintings of Jake and Dinos Chapman. The essay ends with appeals. In an summary of an exact philology of actual issues, Zielinski indicates probabilities of how issues may possibly continue after the media. With a vade mecum opposed to psychopathia medialis within the type of a manifesto, the publication advocates for a contrast to be made among on-line life and offline being.

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38 A work like Giedion's has not yet been written for elec­ Perhaps it is only possible to think about het­ erogeneous connections as radically as Giedion did in retrospect. We have not yet left the period of electronics behind us like Giedion had left mechanics . The title of Herbert Marshall McLuhan's The Mechan­ ical Bride is a reference to Marcel Duchamp's Le Grand Verre or The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, but the Canadian philosopher of communications theory is also well a cquainted with the work of Sigfried Giedion.

Government s ets u p a n elitist network of their Advance d Research Proj ects Agency. ARPANET becomes the tech ­ nical and political basis o f a para d oxi ca l form o f technol­ ogy-based communica tion : it is supposed to be extreme ­ ly secure, reliable, and completely open at one and the same tim e . To b egin with, the four nodes of the network are d eveloped and run by the re sea rch fa cilities tha t are most involved in armaments R&D : the University of C a l ­ ifornia, S a nta B arba ra ( U C S B ) , t h e University of C a lifor­ nia, Los Angeles ( UCLA) , the Sta nford Resea rch Institute ( S RI ) , and the University of Uta h .

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