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Download Advanced Design Techniques for RF Power Amplifiers (Analog by Anna N. Rudiakova, Vladimir Krizhanovski PDF

By Anna N. Rudiakova, Vladimir Krizhanovski

Complex layout concepts for RF energy Amplifiers presents a deep research of theoretical points, modelling, and layout techniques of RF high-efficiency energy amplifiers. The publication can be utilized as a consultant by way of scientists and engineers facing the topic and as a textual content ebook for graduate and postgraduate scholars. even supposing essentially meant for knowledgeable readers, it offers a good quickly begin for rookies.

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2-2 with ω0τ S as parameter. 5 ω 0τ S → 0 180 135 90 45 0 0 45 90 135 180 θ (degrees) Figure 2-2. Set of dependencies of θ1 on θ with ω 0 τ S as parameter. Thus, for known values θ1 , θ , and ω0τ S , the Fourier coefficients of collector current harmonics can be obtained, taking into account that iC is equal to zero beyond the interval ( − θ ; θ1 )26. In order to find the dc component, both parts of Eq. 12) should be multiplied on 1 (2π ) and integrated on ω0 t within the − π to π . However, the actual integration interval is from − θ to θ1 due to zero current on intervals from − π to − θ , and θ1 to π as follow: ω 0τ s θ diC 1 θ d (ω 0t ) + iC d (ω 0t ) ³ − θ 2π 2π ³− θ d (ω 0t ) 1 1 SV θ1 = BE ³ (cos ω 0t − cos θ )d (ω 0t ).

The dependence of “allowed” conduction angles on ω 0 τ S . 5 0,8 ω 0τ S = 1 0,6 0,4 ω 0τ S = 3 0,2 ω 0τ S = 10 0,0 0 45 90 135 180 θ (degrees) Figure 2-4. Set of dependencies of first harmonic collector current magnitude on conduction angle. It gives the maximum efficiency and output power. Therefore, the required input impedance of output network at the third harmonic frequency can be found using the Eqs. (2-18) - (2-20) as follows: Z3 = I1R1 , 6I 3 ϕ Z 3 = 3ϕ I1 + π − ϕ I 3 . 4. 28) FIFTH-HARMONIC PEAKING ANALYSIS: VOLTAGE WAVEFORM PARAMETERS In case of fifth-harmonic peaking class-F power amplifier, the transistor output voltage consists of the first, the third, and the fifth harmonics, and the dc-component as follows: Theoretical Analysis of BJT Class-F Power Amplifier 45 vC = E C − VC1 cos ω 0t − VC3 cos3ω 0 t − VC3 cos 5ω 0 t § · 1 1 = EC − VC1 ¨ cos ω0t + cos 3ω 0t + cos 5ω 0t ¸ ε3 ε5 © ¹ (2-29) where ε3 = VC1 Rω 0 I C1 = ⋅ , VC 3 R3ω 0 I C 3 (2-30) ε5 = VC1 Rω0 I C1 = ⋅ .

The solution of the following equation: Aε = 0 Theoretical Analysis of BJT Class-F Power Amplifier Figure 2-5. Curve ε 3 , 5 , ∃ ( ε 5 ) , that restricts the range of definition of function γ 2( ε 47 3 , ε 5 ). gives the following expression for the curve, that restricts the range of definition of function γ 2 (ε 3 , ε 5 ) : ε 3,5,∃ (ε 5 ) = − ( 3 5ε 5 + 2 5ε 5 ε 5 − 5 5(4ε 5 − 25) ) (2-40) The function ε 3,5,∃ (ε 5 ) is shown in Fig. 2-5. The range of definition of function γ 2 (ε 3 , ε 5 ) is highlighted as well.

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