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By K.L. Mittal

This quantity chronicles the lawsuits of the Symposium on Adhesion elements of Polymeric Coatings held less than the auspices of the Electrochemical Society in Minneapolis, MN, may possibly 10-15, 1981. This occasion used to be cosponsored via the Dielectric and Insulation, and Electrothermics and Metallurgy Divisions. Polymeric coatings are used for a couple of reasons, e. g. , ornamental, protecting, sensible (as dielectrics or insulators) and a unique software of polymeric (organic) coatings is their use as lithographic fabrics for making built-in circuit parts. without reference to the aim of the coating, it needs to adhere good to the underlying substrate. So the necessity to less than­ stand the criteria which effect adhesion of natural coatings and the how you can reach wanted adhesion is kind of appear. This Symposium used to be designed to collect scientists and technologists drawn to the adhesion features of polymeric coatings, to supply a discussion board for dialogue of contemporary findings, and to supply a chance for cross-pollination of rules. The technical software contained a complete of forty six papers through authors from numerous corners of the area. this system comprised either invited overviews and contributed unique examine papers, as this mix is how to current the kingdom of data of an issue. The invited audio system have been chosen so one can symbolize extensively range­ ing disciplines and pursuits and so they hailed from quite a few aca­ demic and business examine laboratories.

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Surface energy of a solid in vacuo. Solid-liquid interfacial energy. Surface energy of a solid in equilibrium with the vapor of a (specified) liquid. n Coefficient of viscosity. no Coefficient of viscosity at zero time. 6 Contact angle between a liquid and solid. 6t Contact angle at time t. 600 Limiting value of contact angle at long times. e. YS - YSV' ~ Good-Girifaclo interaction parameter. a,b,c Various constants. t Length of pore. P Net pressure driving a liquid into a pore. Pa Atmospheric pressure.

With a polymeric adhesive evaporation from the liquid might well be slow thus preventing the formation of a fully saturated bond of adsorbed vapor ahead of the penetrating liquid. Variation of Contact Angle with Time The contact angles of polymer melts on high energy substrates are found to change with time I8 ,19. This effect tends to reduce the rate of penetration. Newman ZO analyzed results of Schonhorn, Frisch and Kwei 18 for polyethylene and ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers, and proposed a dependence of contact angle on time given by (9) where a and c are constants.

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