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Download A Dictionary of Weights, Measures, and Units by Donald Fenna PDF

By Donald Fenna

This complete and authoritative dictionary presents transparent definitions of devices, prefixes, and sorts of weights and measures in the Systeme overseas (SI), in addition to conventional, and industry-specific devices. additionally it is common old and clinical historical past, overlaying the improvement of the sequential definitions and sizing of devices. This new reference paintings will end up precious to specialist scientists, engineers, technicians in addition to to scholars and the overall consumer.

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Of the energy required to raise 1 pound of liquid water from freezing point to boiling point. u. IT . u. 367 717 ft 3 -atmos). History The full name 'British thermal unit' appears to have been adopted in the 1870s to differentiate it from other thermal units. Previously and continuingly it was also called the British unit of heat and plainly heat unit, the latter accorded the symbol u. , bushel volume British/American Measure for grains, etc. 368 72~ L). The Act of 1824 that introduced BI specified striken measurement for liquids and 'for dry Goods not measured by heaped Measure', going on to cite coal, lime, fish, potatoes, and fruits as specific exceptions.

The amount of energy imparted to matter by such radiation) is the gray; the unit of ionizing radiation relating to gamma rays and x-rays is the roentgen. The becquerel was defined only in 1975, by the 15th fCGPM, to succeed the curie'21' and the uncommon rutherford as the measure of radioactivity. 702 703~x KT11 curie. ''8' bel [A. G. Bell; UK, Canada, USA 1847-1922] See decibel. Besselian year [F. W. e. 25 days, = ^ Julian century of 36 525 days. Originally the fyear of a f calendar scheme established by Bessel, the year beginning when the mean Sun reaches 18 h 40 min of fright ascension (which currently occurs on 1 January).

Since 8 = 2 3 and 16 = 24, both the 8-based foctal notation and the 16based f hexadecimal notation effectively group into single graphic characters successive strings of three and four binary digits respectively. Octal notation was once the dominant alternative to the cumbersome pure binary number, but, since the introduction of the fbyte, hexadecimal has come to predominate. biot [J. B. Biot; France 1774-1862] electromagnetics. Symbol Bi. See abampere. rheology For biot number see Nusselt number Nu for heat transport.

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