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Download A companion to satire : ancient to modern by Ruben Quintero PDF

By Ruben Quintero

This number of twenty-nine unique essays, surveys satire from its emergence in Western literature to the present.

  • Tracks satire from its first appearances within the prophetic books of the outdated testomony in the course of the Renaissance and the English culture in satire to Michael Moore’s satirical motion picture Fahrenheit 9/11.
  • Highlights the real impression of the Bible within the literary and cultural improvement of Western satire.
  • Focused commonly on significant classical and ecu affects on and works of English satire, but in addition explores the advanced and fertile cultural cross-semination in the culture of literary satire.

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Oxford: Blackwell. Elliott, Robert C. (1966) The Power of Satire: Magic, Ritual, Art. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. Frye, Northrop (1944) The nature of satire. University of Toronto Quarterly 14, 75–89. —— (1968) Anatomy of Criticism: Four Essays. New York: Atheneum. —— (1982) The Great Code: The Bible and Literature. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. —— (1990) Words with Power: Being a Second Study of the Bible and Literature. San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. Jemielity, Thomas (1992) Satire and the Hebrew Prophets.

But, the same may be said about the historical effectiveness of most satire. Did, for example, Jonathan 20 Thomas Jemielity Swift’s A Modest Proposal (1729) alleviate Irish poverty? If the potato famine in Ireland a century later is any indication, A Modest Proposal must be regarded as a failure. What becomes a common denominator between prophetic satire in particular and its classical and later equivalents is their frequent complaint about the ineffectiveness of their criticism. ’’ Jeremiah frequently complains about the indifference of his listeners, and the Christian gospels are studded with Jesus’s frequent complaints about the refusal of those who have ears to hear.

The Phases of Ancient Biblical Satire and Irony A mighty maze! but not without a plan. (Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man, I, 1733) Especially seminal for an analysis of ancient biblical satire, however, is Northrop Frye’s paradigm of the three phases of satire and the corresponding and parallel phases of irony. At first glance, Frye’s analysis is very off-putting: the terminology is Ancient Biblical Satire 23 cumbersome and inconsistent (for example, irony is also a device of comedy, romance, and tragedy); not all of the phases are descriptively titled.

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