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By Harlan H D Attfield

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Or fingernail After inspection of the colony is finished, all the hive parts should be carefully returned to their oroper places. Openinq the hive too often will upset the life of the colony and could cause them to abandon their home in search of a quieter place to live. When inspecting a hive, them from the hive. look carefully 31 for pests and remove Figure 21, The correct way to handle a frame HELPING A COLONY HAKE UORE HONEY There are many things that can be done to help bees make more Experience will make the beekeeper more aware of ways to honey.

The honey extractor is made with a drum and basket fittinq inside that holds two or four wooden frames. The honey is neatly removed and the combs returned to the hive to be refilled with more honey. Figure 28. Fioney extractor 38 to buy or make an extractor It may be too expensive Several amount of honey produced by a few colonies. 54~~1 [l"] strip along and then strain the honey squeeze the honey from it, the top), through a coarse cloth (jute sackcloth) to remove wax particles the crushed comb cannot be used again (see Figure 29).

Help The Hat with nettia. This is used to protect the neck and face _I-. A veil can be made from any wide-brimmed from bee stings. 72cm II8’l) wide and as long as the circumference of the hat brim. After this has been sewn into a cylinc3er, it is sewn to the hat. 16cm (‘14”) lonq. 32cm (8”) apart. dqe of the ing taFC? is flat and is is put on, the tapes are passed under the arms the rinqs. ttinq tight csclainst the shoulders. The remainpa ssed back under the arms to stretch the f rant then brcught, again, to the front to be tieA.

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