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Download 500 Cryptic Clues by June Scott PDF

By June Scott

500 Cryptic Clues is the right e-book for all crossword solvers and puzzle fans. June Scott has compiled lists of cryptic clues (usually purely present in crossword grids) and demanding situations her readers to unravel them. With its precise record type layout, and thematically grouped clues, 500 Cryptic Clues will problem puzzlers to enhance their cryptic clue abilities whereas having fun with fixing the puzzles. Pocket-sized, this can be a ideal and strange e-book for visitors, commuters and a person who enjoys fixing cryptic clues and observe puzzles.

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Gondola 10. Junk 11. Raft 12. U-Boat 13. Packet 14. Submarine 15. Lightship 16. Canoe 17. Barge 18. Trawler 19. Launch 20. Dhow 21. Skiff 22. Tender 23. Coaster 24. Wherry 25. Cruise Liner SUPERMARKET ITEMS 1. Flour 2. Salad Cream 3. Dumpling 4. Lemon Sole 5. Pale Ale 6. Hundreds / Thousands 7. Soap 8. Baked Beans 9. Pastry 10. Ham 11. Mixed Spice 12. Onion 13. Cider 14. Cantaloup 15. Chocolate Biscuits 16. Molasses 17. Pumpkin 18. Butter 19. Radish 20. Shortbread 21. Prunes 22. Cereal 23. Lasagne 24.

Old boy in untidy drawer. 10. Impish dwarf with part of an eye. 11. Alternative name for New Testament. 12. Evening table. 13. Pie crust! 14. First of royal kings initially. 15. Odd chump. 16. Type of grass. 17. Name trios! 18. Dark liquid in vessel. 19. Very small signal. 20. Pay nothing – nothing from zero. 21. Tease letter. 22. The French chemist. 23. Dismiss soft material. 24. Conservative fastener. 25. A Dior model. MEDICAL CONDITIONS 1. A maths problem. 2. Try sailing! 3. Largely correct.

16. First read over my exam. 17. High hotel. 18. Confer knighthood first class. 19. Love upsets an electrical unit. 20. Contest with backward girl. 21. With thanks to the manservant. 22. Aaaabbddis! 23. Four wheeled covered carriage. 24. Remain with the royal navy. 25. Somehow hide fifty in centre. CLOTHES 1. Regular and symmetrical. 2. This item sounds unnecessary. 3. Blows. 4. Go fast on snow. Right! 5. Where to locate someone without advertising. 6. Trip / error. 7. Above a hundred have cereal.

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