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By Guy P. Harrison

Probably you recognize anyone who swears via the reliability of psychics or who's in usual touch with angels. or even you are looking for a pleasant method of dissuading somebody from losing funds on a homeopathy remedy. otherwise you met a person at a celebration who insisted the Holocaust by no means occurred or that not anyone ever walked at the moon.

How do you discover a carefully persuasive approach of steerage humans clear of unfounded ideals, bogus therapies, conspiracy theories, etc? Longtime skeptic man P. Harrison exhibits you the way during this down-to-earth, wonderful exploration of in most cases held remarkable claims.

A veteran journalist, Harrison has not just surveyed an unlimited physique of literature, yet has additionally interviewed prime scientists, explored "the such a lot haunted apartment in America," hung out within the inviting waters of the Bermuda Triangle, or even talked to a "contrite Roswell alien."

Harrison isn't out just to debunk unfounded ideals. anywhere attainable, he offers substitute medical motives, which in general are much more interesting than the wildest hypothesis. for instance, tales approximately UFOs and alien abductions lack strong proof, yet technological know-how supplies us lots of purposes to maintain exploring outer house for proof that existence exists in different places within the immense universe. The facts for Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster might be nonexistent, yet scientists are on a regular basis getting to know new species, a few of that are really stranger than fiction.

Stressing the thrill of clinical discovery and the valid mysteries and beauty inherent in fact, Harrison invitations readers to percentage the fun of rational considering and the skeptical method of comparing our impressive international

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We all share this world together and when an elected leader thinks Earth is six thousand years old or your neighbor believes that the position of a few stars determines what sort of day she will have, the stage is set for trouble. Dim thinking is dangerous thinking. THE SHIELD OF SKEPTICISM So how exactly does one wade through all the weird claims out there and make it to dry land safely? It's not as difficult as you might imagine. As readers will discover throughout this book, it often takes only one or two pointed questions to identify fatal weaknesses in claims that are unworthy of our belief.

What matters is how silly and how many. —Guy P. Harrison Skepticism is the skill and the attitude that helps us navigate our way through an often-crazy world. Applied consistently and with force, skepticism can help us lead safer, happier, and more productive lives. It also helps to keep our minds healthy, sharp, and free by tossing aside much of the irrational junk that would otherwise obscure our view of an amazing universe. When crackpots, crooks, and fools try to lure us down costly or dangerous paths, skepticism is the shield we need to fend them off.

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