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Download 100 Must-Read Science Fiction Novels by Stephen E Andrews PDF

By Stephen E Andrews

This ebook is prepared by means of writer and contains a few thematic entries and exact different types, comparable to technology fiction movie diversifications, technology fiction in rock track, and Philip ok. Dick within the mass media. additionally it is a historical past of technology fiction and a brand new definition of the style, plus lists of award-winners and ebook membership ideas. features a foreword via Christopher Priest, the multiple-award-winning technology fiction writer (with a big movie model of his booklet, The Prestige, launching on the time of publication).

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BURROUGHS THE TICKET THAT EXPLODED (1914–97) USA (1967) Willy the Rat, heavy metal addict from Uranus; The Subliminal Kid; Hamburger Mary; Mr Bradly Mr Martin. Members of the Nova Mob, a cadre of extraterrestrial criminals from vile worlds. Their scam is to bribe 31 02 100 MR SF 8/8/06 9:00 pm Page 32 100 MUST-READ SCIENCE FICTION NOVELS and con the control systems of planets they hit – easily corruptible governments and corporations, eager to turn a profit and/or wield power for its own sake. The Mob has loathsome appetites, exploiting their target planet to the max by draining its energies and deriving repulsive sexual kicks from the enslaved populace whom they manipulate through all manner of addictions.

The mass media prefers the flippant and dismissively pejorative ‘sci-fi’ but hardcore readers dislike its association with the poorer TV series and clichéd movies. I suggest that ambiguously calling the genre ‘SF’, without an insistence on a firm decoding of the term, will allow the audience to find their own personal meaning. Author Damon Knight said that science fiction is what we point at when we say the words. I feel that any all-encompassing definition would involve a sense of the historical progression of the genre from Frankenstein onwards but would point to ideas of ‘conceptual breakthrough’ and ‘paradigm shift’ as the essential meat of SF.

The book is dominated by the driven outsider Gully Foyle, one of the most unforgettable characters in all of SF, but it is also a vehicle for its author’s pyrotechnic displays of imagination. >> Harlan Ellison once said that, ‘Bester was the mountain, all the rest of us merely climbers toward that peak’, and The Stars My Destination, together with The Demolished Man, reveals just why other writers continue to admire him so much. Read on Golem 100, The Dark Side of the Earth Poul Anderson, Brain Wave; >> James Blish, Jack of Eagles; >> John Brunner, Telepathist; Charles Harness, The Paradox Men 18 02 100 MR SF 8/8/06 9:00 pm Page 19 MICHAEL BISHOP MICHAEL BISHOP ANCIENT OF DAYS (b.

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